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The following represents a selection of our available Alternative Payment Methods:


SOFORT enables the consumer to make payments to merchants directly from their online banking, including using two factor authentication; popular in countries and/or industries where consumers are more comfortable paying by bank transfer than by credit cards.


SOFORT is very popular in Austria, Germany and Belgium, with excellent brand awareness and trust.  Popularity is also increasing in France, Italy, Spain and the UK.


It offers a seamless payment experience; the consumer enters his/her banking credentials to complete a payment; whether on desktops, tablets or mobile devices.  It supports many major banks, making it available to a critical mass of consumers. 


SOFORT offers the merchant a real-time notification of payment, making it ideal for merchants that need to make decisions based on confirmation of receipt of deposit/transfer


IDEAL owns 60% of the payments market in the Netherlands.  It's a real-time bank transfer service, enabling consumers to send payments directly from their internet bank accounts to merchants.  It's accepted as very safe and secure, and in a country where online, real-time bank transfers are part of the culture.  Like SOFORT, it negates the need for the consumer to share credit card details, online.


UnionPay is a best in class recognised brand throughout China, boasting the largest number of cards issued, worldwide.  All of China's major banks issue UnionPay cards. It's also the only interbank network in China linking ATMs and all banks.

More recently, UnionPay has expanded globally, with UnionPay cards issued in a growing number of countries; currently mainly the Far East, including Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Japan and Singapore.  Not all non-Chinese issued UnionPay cards are currently eCommerce enabled, (so they'll work in shops, but not online).  However, this is expected to change soon, as UnionPay increases its global footprint.


Postepay is a popular pre-paid card service operated by Poste Italiane in Italy . Customers can buy and reload Postepay cards from 14,000 Post offices, 4,500 ATMs and participating retailers throughout Italy.  Postepay cards are branded with Visa Electron or MasterCard and can be used to pay for goods and services wherever Visa Electron or MasterCard is supported. Postepay is perceived as a safe and secure payment option for Italian shoppers who prefer not to expose their financial details online.  Despite the fact that many Italians still prefer to pay by cash and that Internet penetration is still relatively low, the take-up of eCommerce in Italy is accelerating quickly

[1] Multibanco is a popular post-pay payment method in Portugal. It can be used by shoppers with a bank card issued by any bank affiliated


Multibanco is a popular post-pay payment method in Portugal. It can be used by shoppers with a bank card issued by any bank affiliated to the Multibanco service. The service is supported by all major banks in the country, and is therefore accessible to the maximum number of shoppers.   There are currently more than 20 million Multibanco cards, most of which are co-branded as Visa or MasterCard

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