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Understanding your needs

Think of us as non-medical doctors!  We strive to identify your payments pain; the holes in your total payment solution that are giving you the most grief, and then provide you with the payment processing solutions to solve that pain. 

Depending on your location, we’ll either meet you, or if not possible, have a call, to drill down to your needs, and to then rapidly provide you with a written proposal.


We’ll continue to be available to answer your questions in person, by phone, Skype and/or email, to help you make a well informed decision.

Compliance / Underwriting

Once you’ve made the decision to move forward with us, we’ll email you our application forms, together with guidelines for what you need to do. 


Once we've received your completed application forms and supporting company and KYC documents, we’ll submit the full package to compliance, for approval.



Via a current integration

We're integrated with DevCode (PIQ), HexoPay, Praxis, PayNetEasy, and Nuvei.  If you're integrated with any of these platforms, no additional information is required.  Once your compliance approved and under contract, we'll send you credentials for you to configure.

If you’re a white label of a platform already integrated with us, there are no integration requirements. 

Via a new, direct integration to SaltarPay

If you want to directly integrate with us, 2 options are available:

1. Server to Server (S2S) - Available if you're suitably PCI compliance.

2. Redirect - Will our our redirected payment page.

We’ll email you our standard integration documents, and will provide you with technical/integration support, as needed.

Once integration is complete, we'll handhold you through a two step testing process.  Firstly, you'll be connected to our safe "sandbox" environment.  Once complete, we'll connect you to our live environment, for some final testing, before setting you "live". 



We'll send you our standard merchant contract for signature once you are approved by Compliance.  


A signed contract will need to be in place before you can start processing live transactions with us.



We never forget that we're collecting your money, as a service to you, and that quick settlements to you are therefore important.  We can settle to you very regularly; probably more often than you want/need to be settled to !


How long does it all take?

Perhaps the most commonly asked question! 


Compliance can be the shortest or the longest part of the process, depending on you (!). If you take extra care to submit a quality application, it can be as little as 2 working days.  But if you submit an incomplete application, so our team keeps having to ask for additional information/documents, it will take longer.  What we promise is, we’ll run as fast as you!


Integration again is as fast as you integrate.  It’s often only a day, and we’re here to help you complete this stage as quickly as possible.


Once compliance has given the green light, it takes days, not weeks, to be able to provide you with the payment processing service. Once you have it, and integration is complete, after some short sandbox and live testing, you’ll be ready to process your first live transactions.


Of course, a contract must be signed for you to start live processing, but everything else can run in parallel.


Back Office

As part of your approval process, we’ll issue you with account credentials so that you can login to our back office, to see, and report on, your transactions and settlement activity. Our back office is multi-lingual, and offers optional 2-factor authentication, for extra security.  Different employees can have different access rights, (admin, standard, view only), as appropriate.

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